Saturday, June 12, 2010


We are having a busy and fun weekend and I hope you are too.

I just wanted to give you a couple of updates.

1. A lot of you have asked me about the floods in AR. We are okay. The flood was a couple of hours for us but it is such a horrible situation. It came so fast and many were killed - about half of those were children under 7. Babies were ripped out of their parents arms and carried away. PLEASE pray for the families affected. They need it.

2. A few months ago I had you pray for a sweet girl Megan who was pregnant with her son Cohen. Cohen has many serious heart defects and he was born this week. He has already had three surgeries in five days and is very critical. Some of her friends set up this site: Send Love to Cohen for them. Please go there and pray for him and keep up with him!

3. A few months ago I shared with you about a man, Zac Smith, who had stage 4 colon cancer and had 3 young children. He made the neatest video about it and was striving to glorify God - even in his death. He went home to be with Jesus almost a month ago. His wife Mandy wrote me to let me know. Could you pray for their family. This was Zac's blog: I bet Mandy would love a word of encouragement from you today. Especially remembering that next weekend is Father's day.

Thank you - have a good Sunday!

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