Sunday, June 13, 2010

4 Weddings and a funeral

Okay - so not really - but that title is what I feel like for this weekend - it's been a busy weekend full of activities.

Saturday morning I went to a bridal shower for a girl who works at our church. About 3 years ago I had lunch with her to try and encourage her because she was mid 20's and single and was working with the youth in our church. Where was she going to find a husband, right? Well she did and his name just happens to be Mr. Wright. ha! God is good! None of my pictures from the shower turned out but I was so happy to be there.

Saturday night was Emily's dance recital. I was SO excited to go and watch her. She was adorable and did so good! There were TONS of girls dancing that night and it was so cute to watch them. I can't wait to put Harper in dance in a couple of years. I think she will love it!
I was so excited today because Scott and I got to eat lunch with one of my favorite blogger friends, Heather, and her husband. (She is so tiny - I look like the jolly green giant in this picture). She and I have been "blog friends" for a few years and she is such an encouragement to me. I was sad because we really didn't get to visit like I would have liked because Harper was so tired from church and acted horrible. Scott ended up taking her and putting her in the car and driving her around while I finished lunch with them. Oh well.
This afternoon we went to Sarah Kate's second birthday party! It seems just like yesterday she was born. Here are Harper and I!
Amy and Ruby and Wes and Molly. I didn't get a good picture of their daughter Ella Kate. Their girls are SO cute and sweet! Amy makes having three girls two and under look so easy (and I KNOW it's not!)
Two of my FAVORITE redheads! Neely and Wells. Poor Wells - he was the only boy there with eight girls. It might not be fun now - but wait until he is 16 - he will be one lucky boy! :-)

Kinley and her daddy
Three of my favorite moms/friends
Tried to get a picture of all the kids in the couch - and this is what happens. And we were missing four kids. ha!
Our family
Laurie, Steve and the girls and their grandparents. I love this family!
Me and the birthday girl!

This was us the day she was born. I was at Emily's birth but missed Sarah Kate's. Laurie likes to have her girls in the middle of the night and I hosted a shower the night she was born and had to help in a wedding the next day but I got there just a couple of hours after she was born and she was SO beautiful! She is the sweetest little girl and I'm thankful to be her "aunt!"

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