Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not My plans

I'm a planner by nature. At any given point of time - I have at least three lists running all at once. One on our refrigerator (usually the Wal-Mart list), one on my desk of to dos and one in my planner. And usually one in my head. I carry lists with me everywhere. I like to open up my calendar every week and know what lies ahead for me.
I often think God knows my nature and laughs and then changes my plans. He is teaching me and has been teaching me for years to rely on HIM and not on myself. I had my life so neatly planned out when I graduated high school. I just knew that in 5 years I would be married and a few years later a mother. Ha! Not exactly the plans.
This week I was so excited because I had so many fun things planned. I had a little overnight visit to my parents house planned. Today I had a fun outing with a group of friends for lunch and shopping at the mall. Tonight is bunco with the women of my church. But all of those things got cancelled when the Stomach Flu of 2010 hit our house. It would be easy to get bummed and down because everything wasn't playing out the way I had wanted. But maybe I needed to slow down and get rest and spend time at home.
It's easy to get disappointed when our "plans" don't go our way - whether big or small. But I think sometimes we just don't have the full picture. I'd love to get out tomorrow and do a few fun things - it's been a LONG week in this house - but we are supposed to get snow again tomorrow. But I'm going to just try and enjoy another day at home. Soon we will be busy again and I might be longing for a quiet, snowy day!
Speaking of plans not going our way.......when I was having a particularly hard day when Harper was in the hospital - this pretty girl Megan came by to visit me. She brought me the BEST cupcakes and was just so sweet to come and encourage me. I was so excited to find out recently that she is pregnant! But her plans for her sweet Cohen (they are having a boy!) have not gone exactly like they would have dreamed. They recently found out he has several heart defects. Each one separately would not be bad but all four together are very rare. I am praying for complete healing for Cohen. I can't imagine what Megan is going through and I'd love for you to pray for her. You can keep up with her on her blog here. (click the button)
(Sorry that picture is so small - our computer is out of commission and I had to nab that one off facebook).

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