Friday, June 18, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Proposal Stories

Today is all about sharing your proposal stories. I'm sure there are some VERY romantic or neat stories out there. Maybe some of you single girls should send your boyfriends to read. ha!

I wish I had some pictures to go with my post - but we didn't take one picture the night we got engaged? Too excited I guess.

I knew our engagement was coming. So one Saturday night (May 17, 2003 to be exact) Scott had told me to be ready for a date and I just knew this was it for some reason. So I got dressed up just in case. He came to my door and he was dressed up too so I KNEW immediately what was going to happen. We were going out to eat but Scott said "before we go - sit down for a minute".

He had gone out to his car while I was finishing getting ready and he came in carrying three red roses. He handed me one and said this rose represented our past and he talked about us meeting and dating. He handing me the second and said this represents our present. And then he handed me the third rose and said "This represents our future" and my ring was tied to that rose.

Then he got on one knee and said some sweet things and asked me to marry him! And of COURSE I said yes!

He picked out my ring all by himself and he did a great job. It's a pear cut solitaire and I wouldn't trade it for any ring in the world. Not because it's the prettiest or the biggest - but because he chose it for me!

We called friends and family and went to eat at one of those Brazilian restaurants where you can eat meat until you want to die. Scott hadn't eaten in a week he had been so nervous so I think he was starving. ha!

Let's hear your stories.........................

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