Friday, June 18, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

We spent all last week with my parents and this week we have been with Scott's parents. And I'm afraid after two straight weeks with grandparents Harper is a VERY spoiled little girl. I'm going to have to put her through a month long boot camp to get her straightened out. Pap-pa was wanting to give her a coke float this afternoon. Do you see what I mean? ha! All this little wild child needs is caffiene. ha ha! Grandparents let her get away with anything. And of course she loves it!

Harper has had a great time playing with Gigi and Pap-pa.
They live in the country and there is a lot to see and a lot of animals to look at . It's so pretty and peaceful where they live.
Gigi and Pap-pa set up a pool on their back deck and Harper had fun swimming
It is SO hot - almost 100 here - we can't stay outside but for a few minutes
But we sure have had fun!
I love this picture of her holding her Gigi's hand
Me and my sweet girl. She was wearing the dress her "Aunt" Hillary made her. She usually is a momma's girl but when we are at the grandparents - she wants NOTHING to do with me. She only wants her grandparents. She will shake her head no when I try to get her. Fickle Fanny.
Tonight we ate somewhere I've never been in Magnolia - The Flying Burger. It was so good. They have really good burgers but also tons of seafood. I had a grilled shrimp salad that was so yummy. If you live anywhere in southwest AR - you need to check it out! Harper even met a cute boy named Connor that she tried to impress with her stickers and books. Nice to meet you Caren!

I hope ya'll have a great weekend. We have a family reunion to go to tomorrow. Should be good and hot! :-)

On a sad note - it looks like sweet baby Cohen who I asked you to pray for is going to meet Jesus tonight. I'm so heartbroken for his parents Megan and Brent. Could you please surround their family in prayer. It's so hard to understand the loss of a child. I can't begin to imagine their pain or anyone else who has lost a child.

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