Thursday, May 13, 2010

Show Us Your life - Favorite Books/Children's Books

Today's Show Us Your Life is all about your favorite books.

I've told ya'll more than a few times that I'm really not much of a reader. That hasn't always been true. I read a TON Growing up. My favorite place was the library. I still love the library. And in the last few years - my favorite thing was "vacation reading". I would take a pile of books with me on vacation and read them all.
I don't read so much now because I either don't have time or I'm just too tired.

But when I do read.........I love a good fiction book. I like books set in the south. I love John Grishman books.

I read little books with Harper now but I can't WAIT until she is old enough to sit up in bed and let me read books to her like "Little House on the Prarie"
and "Anne of Green Gables"
and "Little Women"
My favorite book in High School was "To Kill a Mockingbird" (I'm sure you couldn't figure that out!) I did more than a few book reports on it.

So - what are your favorite books? For you? Or for your kids?

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