Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't we all love weekends?

So how was YOUR weekend??? I hope you had a good one!

It has been storming here constantly for the last week so I have been trying to come up with indoor activities. Harper is obsessed with going through my bag (she especially loves my wallet and always goes for my debit card first. The girl is smart). So I pulled out an old purse and filled it up with goodies and let her go through it. That gave us a lot of fun on Friday.
I was very upset on Friday because Dawson was acting so weird. He had been yelping for a few days but we assumed he had pulled a muscle but he started just yelping constantly and he wouldn't eat or drink or really move. So I took him to the vet on Friday and after a lot of exams and xrays we found out he had a inflamed intestine. We got him on some treatments and he's back to his old self. I'm so thankful - I hate when my dog is sick. He was our first baby and there are many things A LOT worse that people are dealing with - but I was still sad for my dog to be in pain.
My dad was out of town this weekend so my mom came over to spend the night with us and I was so thankful. First she kept Harper while I was dealing with Dawson which was nice. Harper LOVES her nonny. (and BAWLED when she left).
My mom also kept Harper Friday night so Scott and I could have a date. It was parents night out at church so we had been thinking about doing it but this was a lot better. We got a nice night away and really enjoyed it! This was us before we went out! I love parents night out because everywhere we go - we always run into other couples from our church out on dates and everyone just looks so happy! ha! :-)
Saturday we went to eat lunch at Mimi's. That is one of my mom and I's favorite places!
The three girls!
Harper always loves a lunch out! My mom went home after lunch and we just enjoyed a quiet day at home. It was rainy and gross and a good excuse to hole up inside.
This morning we had nursery duty. It's always fun to watch the kids in action. Harper and her daddy were cute in blue today!

I'm hoping the rain will "go away" and we will see sunshine this week!! Hope you have a nice week!

Side Note: Due to some issues I'm having - for right now I can only allow people to follow me on twitter who have a picture and a blog address who I can check out. I'm contemplating only letting people I actually know follow me. This may change in the future - it's TOTALLY not personal - but something that is necessary for me currently. I really am sorry.

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