Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tubes and a Barnyard party

Lately I have felt like I'm the mom of a newborn because Harper has gotten up every 1-2 hours all night for the last two nights. It's taking a lot of Sonic diet cokes to keep me awake right now. ha! We are both just miserable. I drove straight to a wellness clinic on the way home yesterday to have her ears looked at because I knew we had another infection. And we did.
So this morning at my wits end and on no sleep - I called the ENT's office and asked for an appointment and thankfully they got us in right away.

And my prayers are being answered because next week Harper is getting tubes. I'm SO happy about it. The poor thing has suffered enough and I feel like it's going to be a whole new world for us. Maybe we will both finally sleep through the night and I'm hoping there will be no more horrible infections and hopefully her speech will take off! (My dad is excited because she did say "poppa" last night about 10 different times. I'm still working on the other grandparent names but that was an easy one I guess)! I'm honestly not worried about the surgery one bit. She has had a LOT worse done to her in 16 months so I know she will be fine and it will be in her best interest! OH thank goodness! I'm so happy!
After her appointment we headed to play group which today was a birthday party for John Michael who turned two. It was a farm theme and SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

The cake table! There were lots of cute details and the kids had a lot of fun!
Mary Avery, John Michael's mom, and his little brother Matthew!
The birthday boy
I loved Emily's outfit
I didn't get to visit much with anyone because we were pretty late and then Harper was so wild running around that I spent most of my time chasing her and taking a few pictures.
They had a saddle set up for pictures!

Amanda and Neely (Neely's face is cracking me up!)
Vonda and Brandon and Lindsey and Ben
The party favors were the CUTEST farm animal cookies made my friend Robin in sacks with a pair of sunglasses. Clearly Harper loved hers! Thanks Mary Avery and Jordan - we had a wonderful time and can't believe JM is already TWO!

It's storming here today. I'm praying for no tornados and a good nap!

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