Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Day

So meet my new best friend................................

I made a desperate trip to Target yesterday in search of some kind of sound machine/white noise maker for Harper's room. I bought this and so far I could just kiss it. It may have been a one night fluke but we let her cry it out for 30 min when she woke up the first time and combined with this little beauty - she went on to sleep for 9 straight hours after she woke up. I couldn't believe it. And she has been SOOOOOO happy today. And so have I!

We spent most of the day at home doing this. Well - I was doing this.......
Harper was playing with her new stroller. When we went to Laurie's the other night she spent the entire night playing with Sarah Kate's doll stroller so I decided to get her one and she LOVES it. She has played with it all day.
She pushes it for a few minutes and then stops, gets her baby out and kisses the baby and then puts her back in and pushes some more. It's so sweet.
She even took a good afternoon nap and then we headed to a nursery (plants not babies) and met our friends Amanda and Laurie to look at flowers.
I took about 30 pics of the four girls and this was the best of them all. It's just about impossible to get 4 girls from 1 to 4 to look at the camera.
Tonight I took a meal to our friend Mike and Kacy who just had new baby Davis. He is so tiny and precious! I always hate for families to wonder what on earth I've cooked for them so I try to put labels on the pans. I got these as a gift from here and I think they come SO in handy!
Harper's favorite time of the day is bath time. She would stay in there all night if I let her. She loves to play in the water. She is always so happy. She usually gets me as wet as she is because she loves to splash and dance in the water. ha! She is such a mess!

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