Sunday, May 23, 2010


Friday we tried to take it easy and stay home. Harper's Gigi and Pappaw sent her a candy bouquet with this lamb on it when she got tubes. She loves this lamb.
She took a 4 hour nap and when she got up we went to the park and played and then shared a pina colada cupcake! It was a nice day.
Saturday we spent pretty much all day re-working our landscaping. It needed to be done badly. I kept waiting for all of our neighbors to write us letters it looked so bad. I let it go last summer when Harper was a baby - I just couldn't get to it and this year I haven't had much time but we finally tackled it and it looks so much better. Scott got us a dogwood tree he is planting in our back yard. I'm so excited. I love dogwoods.

Saturday night we went over to Laurie and Steve's for dinner.
We weren't there long before all three girls were dressed like princesses!
Steve fried fish for us and we had boiled shrimp. It was SO good. When we got there he was playing Jimmy Buffett because he said he wanted us to feel like we had come to a gulf coast restaurant. I felt like we were on one of our gulf shores vacations!
Laurie and I chowed down on the shrimp
After dinner Emily wanted us to watch one of her princess movies. I'm laughing at this picture because we were deep in conversation. ha!
We get a lot of tornados here and I am terrified of them. But apparently not as much as Steve - we found out not only does he get them all in the closet when there are storms - but he wears a helmet. And the girls have one too. Actually it's a pretty smart idea! He modeled his helmet for us.

This morning our church service was dedicated to our graduating seniors. Our church does a great job of really focusing on children and youth and we have AMAZING kids come out of our church. So many of them have gone into the ministry or are just inspiring Christians. They are always impressing me. They sang a lot and showed slideshows of pictures of each kid and videos of when they were little. I was SOBBING. I cried so hard I can barely see right now because my contacts are all blurry.
We have had a rough few days lately. Harper has been SO happy since she got her tubes but she hasn't slept a WINK. The last 2 nights she has been up every single hour. I've probably had 4 hours total sleep and she wouldn't nap yesterday either. I've been so tired and frustrated but then today they showed those videos and this one senior girl who I think is precious - they had a little video of when she was probably 2 and she had on a smocked dress with little curls in her hair and she was making faces that reminded me of Harper and I just lost it. Yes - sometimes the days (and nights) are long when you are raising toddlers but I don't want Harper to ever grow up and I realized how quickly time will pass and she will be on that stage in a cap and gown. I'm sure all the parents of these kids were thinking about how it just seemed like yesterday their kids were Harper's age. I could not quit crying.

Or maybe I was crying because I realized these seniors were born when I was in college. ha!

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