Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Harper and I went to church this morning for Bible Study. A big bunch of my friends are meeting together this summer and it has been SO good. The best part is we have asked a different woman from the church to come each week and share their testimony and they have been AMAZING! Each one so far has been so good and so different. I told Laurie I wished we could just keep it going for as long as it took to have every woman in our church come and share. It's just so neat to hear the different ways God has worked in their lives and the different things He has brought them through. We serve a BIG God!
Count EVERYTHING that you go through as joy because you don't know what kind of testimony God is building in you and who in your life you will be able to encourage and how you will one day be used because of what you have faced.
This afternoon I got my Mother's Day gift! I got to have our house deep cleaned. What a HUGE blessing! I like to clean and I try to keep a really neat house but with a busy schedule and busy, busy, busy into everything toddler - I don't feel like I keep things as clean as I would like to. So it was nice to have someone come and kickstart me! (and I was on a mad rush to clean our house last night BEFORE the cleaning ladies came today. Isn't it crazy that we do that?)
Harper and I ran errands while our house was being cleaned and at one point she sacked out in the car so I just pulled into a parking lot and enjoyed a Sonic drink and checked my email. I took this picture of me while I was bored. ha! I was just glad she got a little nap.
I do have to share that the love affair with the noise machine is still going on - she slept ELEVEN straight hours last night. PRAISE THE LORD! Seriously - Praise Him. I have prayed so hard that her sleeping would improve.
I don't have a lot of time for blogging this week - I am too wrapped up in all the season and series finales going on. I am on TV overload. Between Lost ending (sad, sad, sad) and American Idol (I like Lee and Crystal so I don't care who wins but I am SOOOOOOOO sad about Simon leaving - I don't know if I can watch without him) and Biggest Loser .................. it's a busy week!

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