Monday, May 17, 2010

16 months

Harper - you are SIXTEEN months old!!!! (yesterday!)

Where does the time go? This was you a year ago? I barely remember you being that small.
Look how much you've changed in just one short year! It makes me wonder what you will be like a year from today. Or two years. Or 10 years.

(Ya'll keep asking me - I bought 90% of Harper's clothes second hand from other people. I had about 4 moms who had girls and loved smocking like me who sold their clothes down to me and I'm so thankful. I'm old fashioned and love smocked clothes and little bubbles and rompers for baby girls. I want to keep her in them as long as I possibly can. I think the monkey outfit is from Orient Expressed.)

You weigh a little over 27 lbs.
You wear size 4 diapers, size 5 shoes and 18-24 months clothes.
You've even been wearing some 2T things lately. YIKES!
You are CONSTANTLY active. You can open and shut all the doors which keeps me always on the move chasing you. You love to rummage through the bathroom drawers in your bathroom. You love to get out the pots and pans in the kitchen and make a ton of noise.
You REALLY don't like playing with your toys. You would much rather make messes with my stuff. ha!
You love to eat breakfast bars, fruit and oatmeal for breakfast. Your favorite meal is probably macaroni and cheese but you also love a lot of vegetables - especially green peas. Unfortunately you have discovered a love for french fries and you would rather eat those than anything. You found out you loved poppyseed chicken this weekend and I even let you feed yourself with a spoon.
You do good at church. You cry when I drop you off almost always but within minutes you are fine. I usually try to get out of the room quick but I like to stand outside and make sure you quit crying. As long as you have Mrs. Gail or Mrs. Hester you are fine and dandy and every time I go to pick you up - you are always on someone's lap. Usually Mrs. G.
You HATE napping and it's a fight every day to try to get you to take one. Most days you fight me for hours and end up not taking one. I don't understand why you don't love sleep. ha! You can't be my child. ha!

You LOVE the bath and never want to get out. You Love to splash and pour water out of a cup.

You are so funny. You love to do things that make us laugh. Which is pretty much all the time.

You LOVE your Aunt Laurie and always want her to hold you. Always. You also love your grandparents. You are also a pretty big daddy's girl.

You are growing WAY TOO FAST!! SLOW DOWN!!!!!!

Side Note: I have made the decision to take my twitter followers to ONLY people I actually know. If you have been blocked today - it's not just you - I'm just slowly working through everyone - I haven't had a lot of time on the computer today. I apologize. This is NOT personal to anyone - I'd love to be able to let everyone follow me but right now - this is a change I have to make. I hope you can understand.

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