Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Keeping Busy

I don't know about ya'll - but I've been busy these last couple of days. I don't know if I can even remember what we have been doing.
Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit some of our friends who just had their baby and take flowers from our Sunday School class (I'm in charge of taking flowers - it's a fun job!)
Then we headed to do our civic duty and vote in our state's primary (we voted a day early)

Harper's not 18 and she didn't vote - but I thought I'd let her wear the sticker anyway. There are several people I went to college with running for office this election which is fun/crazy!
Last night Harper and I took a meal to a girl we are in MOPS with who just had a baby. I made them poppyseed chicken, coconut cake - and of course I took them some Sister Schubert rolls. If you have never had these - find them. They are heaven in a pan.
Our men's ministry at church had a big event last night called "Bucks and Boats". Scott and Steve helped with it. (Scott took a picture of Steve but no picture of himself so this is what I have to show about it.) There were a ton of men there (so I heard - I was not there) and it's an amazing outreach. They had some professional hunters/fishermen share their testimony. The last few years many men and boys have been saved and this was the biggest one we have ever had so I'm praying that many were touched!
I had a busy day planned - Bible Study, lunch with a friend, etc - but it all got cancelled this morning because Dawson had another outbreak of sickness. He was doubled over in pain. So I spent two hours at the vet with him and then ended up leaving him there most of the day so they could run tests. (We could buy a home in FL for what we have spent on vet bills in the last week.) (Okay - not really but we could go to FL). ha! This is him when I picked him up. He was much happier. They aren't exactly sure what the problem is. I have a feeling it was a $300 case of bad gas. ha!
We went to visit another friend in the hospital today who just had her baby. He was just precious. I didn't get a picture because I had a busy, curious toddler with me. But I am just so happy for my friends and their new babies!

And speaking of babies - you know how much I love my sweet friend Angie - she is having some issues with Charlotte who is due in June and she is going to be delivering on Saturday. Will you pray with me that everything is okay? There are some complications and I'm so worried about the two of them. I'm just praying I see a picture of a sweet new baby on Saturday - will she have red hair or brown hair? Can't wait to find out! (You can read more on her latest update).

There have been some major issues on Twitter which is why I am having to only allow people i know in real life to follow me right now. I'm VERY sorry but it is very necessary. So I'm in the middle of that - it is nothing personal to anyone. Everyone who is asking about my friend Melissa's blog - it is connected to all that. There are reasons she chose to go private. Trust me - this is not something anyone wanted to do. Please just trust me on this and try to understand.
Melissa did have Grayson on Monday and he is just perfect! He weighed just under 7 lbs and is precious - they are both doing great!

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