Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patty's

Last night I met up with a group of friends at the movies and we saw "Remember Me". Not anything like we were expecting. Don't give away the ending if you saw it - but it was a surprise! I think it's sooooo fun to get to go to the movies at night. It works out perfect because I can go after Harper is in bed and I get a little girl time! It's probably one of my favorite things to do these days!

My little Leprechaun!
I love this because Harper's eyes are green and they look so sweet when she wears green! I never dreamed I'd end up with a green eyed baby and I absolutely love it! I think she has the prettiest eyes in the world! They smile when she smiles!
Harper and I dressed in green today! We had a big outing to Wal-Mart! It was still worth getting ready and dressed for. I wanted to feel a little festive. We don't get too into St. Patricks around here even though I have Irish Roots! (I was named after my great grandparents who had the last name Kelly and were from Ireland!)

This was us last year on 3/17! If you can see - Harper is wearing the same outfit. Last year it was a dress that was HUGE on her and this year she is wearing it as a shirt. It's one of my most favorite things I ever bought her because she's been able to wear it for a solid year. I'm a little sad because it was pretty snug when I put it on her today. I think we are going to finally have to retire it. (I almost can't remember her being that itty bitty!)

Hope ya'll are having a great St Patricks! Eat some corn beef and cabbage for me!

P.S. If for some reason you get a strange e-mail from me or a comment that doesn't really "sound like me". It probably is NOT from me. If that happens - will you let me know. Just wanted to issue a small warning. Thanks!

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