Tuesday, March 16, 2010


***** Ya'll - I am sitting here sobbing because I've been reading the comments on the Harper's blog and I love how so many of you are offering prayers and encouragment to them. I also think it's amazing that SO many of you have had family members with the same cancer and you are able to offer hope and support. There are so many things about the blog world that are dark and ugly but I only see light and hope and love! Thank you! Thank you for being the community that you are to one another. I wish I could put up every prayer request I get but it's not always possible but I'm thankful there is a great prayer circle out there! God bless each of you!

Can you please pray for a family in AR. The husband is a pastor in a small town and they have three children. Yesterday the youngest - a 3 yr old boy - was diagonosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. They go to AR children's hospital tomorrow to determine stage and treatment options. They need our prayer.

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