Friday, March 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Favorite Charities

I apologize that this post is up so late on the day Friday - being out of town threw me off. But it's up now!!!

I am excited to read about different charities you are all affiliated with! It's always good to broaden our horizons and find ways to get involved and help others. I think we each probably find charities that have somehow touched us or that our life experiences have led us to.

My number one charity isn't really a charity but it's the place we give the most to and that is to our church. We tithe and hopefully give more than 10% usually because we feel that is commanded by God in the Bible. We believe that everything we have came from God and is His anyway so giving back a portion of our earnings isn't so much about giving God money - but a step of trust and faith. I haven't always tithed but I've seen God's provision as we trust Him in giving Him our tithes.

The other charities we have given to especially in the last year include the Ronald McDonald House, the Promise House (a home for unwed mothers here in our state) and Compassion International. Those are three that I believe firmly in. But there are so many other wonderful places to give money to and help. I've love to hear of places you actually get in the trenches and help with as well as donate money to!

It's your turn!

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