Thursday, March 11, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House we'll go

Harper and I took a little trip over to visit my parents today. We have been having a great time!
Harper discovered something new: STAIRS. And she is obsessed. She climbs them so fast. I am SO glad we don't have stairs in our house. Although I might be a lot thinner if we did. ha!

Harper just loves her Nonny

and she's pretty fond of her Poppa too!

Me and my sweetie

She is such a mess!

I love this smocked dress - it just looks like spring to me!

Tonight we went out to eat with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob. Harper enjoyed seeing them. She was smiling so big for them. Linda gave Harper the cutest little Easter purse. Linda always has the BEST purses and accessories and she is passing on that love to Harper now!

Harper and I want to wish a VERY happy Birthday tomorrow (the 12th) to her Uncle Chris (my brother!) and her great Aunt Kathy! We love both of you very much!

I will have the Show Us your life (Favorite Charities) post up sometime tomorrow. Since I'm out of town I may be behind but check back tomorrow afternoon and add your post. I'm sure we'd all like ideas on how we can give and help others!

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