Friday, March 12, 2010

Do you know what I am talking about?

I L-O-V-E that the people who read this blog are from all over the country and even all over the world. I think it's neat to hear from people in places I've never even been to! But what tickles me is that I think I may need to get an interpreter on this blog so ya'll can understand my "southern" talk! :-)

I started to realize this when I referred to Okra and Rotel and I started getting all kinds of comments and emails asking me what those things were and I was in SHOCK! It caused me to write THIS POST on regional foods that I learned about from ya'll!

Then I referred to the two little ponytails girls wear as "dog ears". I know a lot of you call them "Pigtails" but I have always said "dog ears".
Just in the last week - I have said that Harper was "a mess" and I called her best friend Sarah Kate a mess also and I had several people ask me what that means. They wanted to know if I meant Harper was MESSY or Dirty! And I was cracking up. I say that a lot. People will say Harper is cute and I often respond with "she is a MESS!" . In my world - that means she is a character. She is full of personality. She is a handful. She is a Mess! Do any of you say that or is it just me?

And Of course - I've thrown out the word "chawed" which ya'll may think is crazy but it's just the best word for "really embarrassed" that I can think of.

One of you reminded me that we often say "Gimme some sugar" meaning "give me a kiss". Do ya'll say that outside the south? I'm trying to think of other examples. We say "fixing to" a lot and "bless your heart" (which can usually precede or follow an insult). (as in "that baby is NOT cute, bless it's heart" ha!) It's like we think that phrase can make things we say better. ha!

I guess I just never realized what a cultural gap I might have on this blog sometimes. Maybe I should get sub-titles? ha! Just continue to ask me when you don't understand what I'm saying. I forget you are not all home grown Arkansas girls!

P.S. I just have to tell you that I called Laurie today and told her so many of you were wondering what she thought about me calling SK "dirty" and we laughed and laughed and laughed! I'm pretty sure she would call both of our girls a "mess"! We never dreamed people wouldn't know what we meant! I would never talk "ugly" about her or one of her girls! :-)

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