Tuesday, March 16, 2010

14 Months

I promise if you visit this blog when Harper is 10 years old (if I still have a blog then)(and if you are still reading it) - I won't have a post up that says "Harper you are 125 months old...." but I figure she is changing so much each month still that I want to do monthly posts through her second year. (and plus - this blog is for my memories - it's just a bonus to have so many sweet blog friends).

Harper you are 14 months old today!

I can't take a still picture in the same place anymore even though I tried which resulted in me sweating and you crying. It really wasn't a pretty picture. I'm sorry sometimes I think you should just do what I want instead of letting you be you!

You weigh around 25 pounds. You are a big, healthy little thing.

You wear size 4 diapers and moved into 18 month clothes.
(I can't believe you were this little just a year ago!)
You are such a good eater! Your favorites are macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, sweet peas and any kind of fruit. You also LOVE nilla wafers and the nursery at church feeds you graham crackers and you have decided you now love the nursery!

You moved to the 2 year old room at the nursery at church last week and you are so happy! Ms Gail is your teacher. She has worked in the nursery for like 30 years. You LOVE her and she is so sweet to you! You will have her for a while so I'm glad you do good in her class!

You love to read books. You bring your favorites to me to read now.

You LOVE babies. You will pick up any animal or doll and love on it. It's so sweet.

You seem to really like cats. You are always pointing at them. We have an animal puzzle and you get the cat piece and carry it around all the time. I'm so sad to tell you that you will NEVER have a pet cat as long as I'm alive. :-)

You are waving hi & bye, blowing kisses, pointing to things you want, you kiss us on the lips now ("giving us sugar"), you play patty cake, and peek a boo.

You are a full time walker! You haven't crawled at all in more than a week! You get better every day! You can move so fast. I can turn my head and lose you some days!
I remember how I thought I was busy when you started crawling. Yeah - I had no idea!

Just this week you have started to say "momma'. You aren't much of a talker yet - still only saying 4-5 words but you are VERY bright. I am amazed at how you figure out things all the time! (like opening doors - that is not a good trick!)

You are such a happy baby and such a loving baby!

Every night I love to just hold you while you put your little head on my chest. I try to savor every minute because I know in an instant - you'll be too big to fit in my arms and you won't want to be held anymore anyway. You reach out your arms to hug me and your daddy all the time and just melts our hearts. You will motion your little hands as if to say "come love me" and I could just eat you up with a spoon!

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