Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Point of Grace

First of all - Good golly Miss Molly - I had no idea so many of you young'uns read my blog. I seriously thought we might get 25 links........um, 300??? Wow! I'm blown away!

So today has been a good day. I finally got back to my Tuesday morning Bible Study. I've missed several weeks due to sickness and I've missed it so much! We even got up and ready early so I could have a little breakfast treat of a Chick-fil-a Cinnamon Cluster and a Sonic vanilla diet coke (they are right next to each other). ha!
Bible Study was great and when I went to get Harper she was in the big kid room and they said she did so good! They said she walked and played the entire time and she even didn't cry when she saw me for the first time ever! So great!

I mean - she is growing up - she's too busy for me - she's got to "make calls". ha!
(She always puts my phone to her ear and says "hi!") ha!

And on another subject:

The summer before my freshman year at college - I worked at a church camp in Arkansas and there were 4 girls who were about to be 5th year Seniors at OBU who came each week and sang. They had a little singing group called "Say So" (and some very snazzy outfits to go along with their name).
You may never have heard of Say So.
But later that year they changed their name.
to Point of Grace.
Heard of them?
They have changed a little since all those years ago but they are still making great music. I re-connected recently with Shelley on twitter and she asked me if I'd like to give away a couple of their brand new CD's that came out TODAY along with

their brand new cookbook!
Cooking with Grace: A Cookbook from Point of Grace

Who likes food and music? This girl!

So if you'd like to win one of two sets of CD's/cookbooks - leave me a comment and tell me your favorite POG songs and if you have never heard of them - tell me that too but go and check them out. There is a reason they are still around 18 or so years later! :-)

I'll draw Friday afternoon and pick two winners!

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