Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lunch Bunch

I had been looking forward to today! I have a group of 5 friends (plus me) and we have been meeting up for lunch about every month or so. I just have so much fun with them. It's always extreme chaos because our kids are wild but we always stay so long and talk and laugh.

We met up today at Jason's Deli which I love. This is Ashley and Avery. Avery is literally like a little doll. She will still wear the big bows and that tickles me. Not so much at our house anymore. I drug a big bow band out last night and Harper had it off her head faster than I could get it on. Sigh. ha!
Harper got up late this morning and missed her morning nap. And she was a little toot at lunch. She threw half my sandwich on the floor (that's okay - I wasn't hungry. ha!) and wouldn't eat her lunch. Until I broke out the free ice cream. ha!
Kate will soon have three sons! This is her middle son and I think he looks just like her. SO adorable!
Jennifer and Brody, Julee, and me and Harper
Ashley & Avery, Kate and Parker and Melissa
We have married Harper and Brody off but they didn't want much to do with each other today. Harper did give Brody a hug finally.
As we were leaving, a sweet girl Amy, came up and told us she thought it was funny because she reads all of our blogs. We were about to take a group picture so we had her get in it with us! So nice to meet you in PERSON Amy!! :-) (I'm sorry the flash is bouncing right behind your head).
After lunch, I have been wanting to visit a little store that I read THEIR blog. ha! They have such cute and colorful and fun stuff. Since we were in the area - we stopped in. I sadly did not buy anything (or maybe that's a good thing for my wallet) but I think they had such cute stuff!
I was LOVING the lime green and orange zebra chair. I want that for my bedroom! Or kitchen or living room! You can visit their blog HERE!

Hope you have had a great Wednesday!! The sun is finally shining here......and I saw a robin red breast in my back yard. Maybe spring is almost here! :-)

P.S. My sweet friend Amanda wrote the sweetest post today about helping one of her best friends adopt. It brought tears to my eyes. See if you would be interested in helping HERE.

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