Thursday, March 04, 2010

Play Group

We had play group at my friend Caryn's house today. Her little girl Sophia is in the cowgirl outfit!
The kids had a lot of fun playing and the moms had a lot of fun talking and laughing. (I didn't take pics of any of the moms).
We also enjoyed a great lunch of King Ranch Chicken - yum!
After we left there - Harper and I went to a huge consignment sale they have in our area twice a year. I've managed to miss it the last few times but we got to go today. I met a blog reader, Whitney, today while I was there!
I think by the time we got there - Harper's size was kind of picked over. But I got these four precious smocked dresses/rompers and a big interactive toy for Harper for around $40! I was excited. I love smocked bishops because you can wear those through several sizes. And we are growing so fast - that's important!
And on another very important subject - who is watching American Idol???? I never miss! I'm not thrilled with anyone yet. I think the guys are better than the girls so far but I don't have a favorite. I'm sure that will change the further we get in. Do you have a favorite?

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