Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fluff Post

So today is a day where we are just hanging at home and I'm cleaning bathrooms and pulling weeds and playing with toys!
No pictures of Harper today - I promise there will be LOTS tomorrow - but in the mean time - how about a completely fluff post.


1. Are you watching DWTS and who do you like?
My favorite is Erin Andrews - maybe because she has my dream job in real life and I think she is so pretty.

2. Who do you like on American Idol?
I have a 3 way tie with Lee, Crystal and Casey James

3. And did you hear the Pioneer Woman is having her story turned into a movie??? I'm so excited! And Reese Witherspoon is going to play her. I love Reese! Here's a fun question - if they made a movie about your life - who would play you?
I think I would pick Ashley Judd or Reese? I would want someone with a real southern accent. ha! Or Angie Harmon? These people do not look like me but I like them! :-)

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