Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Afternoon

It was 80 degrees this afternoon so we got out and went to a little park. I thought I would let Harper swing for the first time. (Could you not eat up those little legs in those little sandals?)
She was watching a little boy next to her swing. She did not love it. I think it scared her a little so we didn't last long.

Then she got out and wanted to play on the slide with the big kids but that scared me. ha!
So we walked down to the middle of our town's square. She loved this fountain.
And then she was off.............
Yes - we are committing a cardinal fashion sin - we are wearing white shoes 4 days before Easter. But somehow I don't think it counts for one year olds. (Any one older than 5 probably shouldn't wear white shoes anyway in my opinion).
Harper loves her little rocker and all the sudden yesterday she sat in it by herself and figured out how to rock. We've never shown her how to do that. Thought I would share a little video of her. Ignore the big stain from her chocolate cheerios snack on her dress. ha!

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