Monday, March 15, 2010

Drive Thru World

Last winter when we came home from the hospital with Harper - my fast paced world changed a little bit. For several months I couldn't get her out around people so we were stuck at home. There were days that I just needed to breathe some different air so I would put her in the car along with Dawson and we would just ride around town. I would get a Sonic coke and just enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet and getting out.
Even now as we have been through the winter - most days I didn't want to get her out in the cold and anyone who has a baby or toddler knows - it's just not easy to get them in and out of the car seat multiple times so it's not worth it to go more than a couple of places no matter how many errands I might need to run. I have learned to love anything I can drive thru. The days I loved the most are when I can warm up the car - put us in it - and feel like I'm getting a few things done by driving through the bank or the dry cleaners or anything else I can accomplice without getting out of the car! ha!

I've thought a lot this winter about things I wish had drive thrus. My #1 wish would be a place to get stamps. I hate getting out and going in the post office. I know you can have the P.O deliver them to your house but that's not always handy when I need it. I had some people tell me on twitter they got their stamps through their ATM's! Now there is a great idea but I don't think our banks here have that option yet.

The other day I was driving back from my parents and Harper was asleep and I was thinking what I would like more in the world was something sweet but the only fast food drive thrus I knew of just sold ice cream. I really wish there was somewhere I could drive thru and get a hot, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. Doesn't that sound good?

One of my friends recently found a place you can drive thru and get your oil changed and she was so excited! I'm telling you - most of you understand - but when you have a baby - you will do anything to not have to get out of the car! ha!

What do you wish had a drive thru??? I'd love to hear your fun ideas!

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