Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Long Insecurity

A few weeks ago, a few of my real life and blog friends came up with a great idea - "hey - Beth Moore is going to be in Atlanta in April.........what if we all met up and went?" I really didn't think it would happen but I'm so exited to say ........................
We are going to see BETH in Atlanta on April 24. If you have never seen Beth Moore or maybe you've never even heard of her........she is an AMAZING speaker, teacher, Godly woman. I have seen her many times and have done many of her Bible Studies and I always leave loving God more, knowing God more and completely changed! I would urge you to find one of her Bible studies and do it, read one of her books or see her speak.

So Beth recently wrote a book called "So Long Insecurity" and that is the topic for the conference. I'm so excited because that is something I have dealt with all my life. Especially in my 20's. I feel like I have been paralyzed by my insecurities for most of my life. Even as I think about this conference, I'm thinking "I'm going to meet some blog friends - what if they don't like me in real life." or "I need to get a cute dress to cover the fact that I still look 3 months pregnant". ha! I feel that way about things I do. I'm insecure as a mother. Am I doing the right things for Harper? I'm insecure as a wife. I'm insecure in ministries at church. I'm always thinking "I'm probably the worst preschool choir director our church has ever seen" or "I shouldn't teach Sunday School - what do I know?" Am I the only one who hears these voices?

If nothing else - you should check out Beth's book. I'm ordering it today so I can hopefully get it read before the conference. (Ya'll know I'm not much of a reader). If this speaks to you at all - you should check it out:

And now - a TON of bloggers are planning to go and meet up (hopefully). (Did I mention I am BEYOND excited - I never dreamed I would get to meet most of ya'll!) Most of us are in the "overflow" room which I pictured as a tiny little chapel but then I found out overflow seats 2200! Yikes! So I'm hoping to meet soooooo many of you but it might be a little crazy! God will work out the details! ha! I'd love to know if you are going!!!! I hope if you are we can say "hi" and hug and not be insecure! :-) Or there is still time to go.........there are a few tickets left! You can check it out HERE!

You should read my friend Caroline's blog - she blogged about us planning to go but also how the most important thing is not all the blog friends meeting up (which will be FUN, FUN!) but how God is going to move and speak!

Hope to "meet" you there!

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