Friday, February 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Valentines Dates or Ideas

Today is Show Us Your Life - Valentines Dates or Memories

I couldn't honestly remember a great Valentines Date. Since we have been married -we mostly stay at home on valentines to avoid crowds. I try to cook a special dinner or something.

Probably my best memory of Valentines (besides last year when Harper was just a month old and my parents came and kept her and Scott and I had a lunch date. That was our first time away from her and we probably weren't gone an hour and we talked about her the entire time. That is a very special memory for me) was Valentines 2000. I closed on my first house that year. I was single and I felt so grown up.

Scott and I were dating long distance at the time and he came up and helped me and my parents move me in. He gave me a pretty necklace and two dozen roses that year. I will just always remember that Valentines Day! I will always remember that house. After we got married, we lived there a year before we moved. But until we got married - that was the only time in my life I lived alone. And I'm glad I had that opportunity. I don't want to do it again. ha !

What are your favorite Valentines dates or memories?

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