Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Razorback Game

Tonight we were able to take Harper to her very first Razorback game! My parents have season tickets and they gave us some to use. I was SO excited to take her! I have no desire to take her to a football game for a few years because I think it would be miserable for everyone concerned but I thought she might enjoy a basketball game. I even found a razorback paci we had and had never used to match her dress. ha!
I realize I am totally trying to turn Harper into a Mini Me. From making her wear dresses at ball games to layering long sleeved shirts under the dresses to teaching her to love SEC sports at a young age. It won't be long till she is toting her own Sonic drink (apple juice slush - not coke! ha!)

I have to do what I can to keep Scott from teaching her about hunting or computer nerd stuff. ha!
We went to Fayetteville and ate at one of my favorite places - Jason's Deli. It was so yummy and Harper loved it! We even wore our Razorback bib!
Mostly Harper loved that Jason's Deli has free ice cream. And possibly her parents liked that too! ha!
I love this picture so much. My dad would take me to ball games the entire time I was growing up. He is the reason I love sports so much (just watching not playing. ha!) He took me to baseball games as a little girl (Texas Rangers) and once I hit junior high - the two of us began going to razorback football games. My mom and brother weren't as interested so that was my time with my dad. After college when I moved to Fayetteville - my dad would come over and go to most basketball and all football games with me. I love that I had so much time with him. And now I love to see Harper and her daddy enjoying a game together!

She loved the game! We only stayed for the first half because she got wiggly and it was WELL past her bedtime but she never fussed or cried. She mostly sat still on our laps and clapped. She spent a lot of time standing in my lap turned around looking at people behind us and flashing her cheesy grin. I think she has gotten the impression that she is cute. ha! We are going to have to work on humility!

We beat LSU good! :-) GO HOGS!

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