Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Free Canvas

Remember when I had ya'll vote for the picture to use on a FREE canvas???

Well it came in today and I LOVE it! I paid more and got the 16 x 20. I think it was around $40. But I think it's worth it. The quality is GREAT! (it's even SO much better in person) But my picture was 6MB. So I think the key is using a high resolution picture and being careful to leave plenty of extra room for the canvas to wrap. A sweet photographer in AL even did some photo editing for me before I ordered which I think made it even better!
I'm just trying to decide where to hang it and if I want to leave it as is or frame it. I think it would look good either way.

If you want to get your own:

Get Your First Canvas on Us. Free 8x10 Canvas Print or $55 off Larger Sizes.

I hope ya'll have a good weekend - I'll post more later! My parents offered to come in town and keep Harper so we could have a date. Then when they got here they surprised us with a hotel room so we can have a night away!!! Happy Valentines to us! Thank you so much mom and dad!!! :-) I have to go pack............

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