Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Fun

I've had busy but wonderful few days lately. I thought I better catch up on my blogging! The weekend got off to a good start by meeting nine friends at the movies on Thursday night. We went to see "Dear John". I liked it. I hadn't read the book so that was probably a good thing. We had lot of fun and I have decided one of my favorite things is meeting friends at night for the movies. We need to do it more often! (We should have taken a group picture but I totally forgot.)
Friday my friend Jennifer invited me and Harper over for a lunch/playdate with her three girls. We had SO much fun. Jennifer's husband is one of the doctors who recently went to Haiti. They are planning to go back as a couple this spring. I love hearing about that! She has four kids so I always feel like she is a good mentor for me! Aren't her girls precious???
Her youngest daughter is just six months older than Harper. Harper had a great time - they have so many fun toys! And I enjoyed visiting with Jennifer.
When we got home my parents came over. They had called and asked if they could come spend the night with us and keep Harper after she went to bed so we could go on a date. I was excited. But imagine how much more excited I was when they got here and told us not only were they going to keep Harper but they got us a hotel room so we could have a night away!!

Yes I have extremely wonderful parents. Believe me - I know how blessed I am and I try so hard to be the same to Harper. (Side note - please pray for my dad - he's having a heart cath on Tuesday and I'm worried about him.)
Scott and I headed out for our little mini vacation!!!! Don't we look happy?
(Yes - I'm fully aware this was all part of a master plan by my parents to do everything they can to get a sibling for Harper. ha ha ha ha!)
They also brought some fun Valentines treats for our girl. I think they enjoyed having time alone with her!
We went to our favorite place - Doe's. We shared this steak - it's SOOO good!
We also got tamales. They were SO good. We ate way too much and enjoyed every bite. We headed to Barnes and Noble after just to relax and drink coffee and then we enjoyed a nice relaxing night and got 10 hours of sleep! Oh Bliss!! It was just a perfect weekend!

Today we have just been at home having a lazy day! I hope you have all had good Valentines days. Don't think I'm not thinking about all of you out there HATING this day and wondering when you will ever find the ONE to spend it with. I'll be saying special prayers for you as I get in bed tonight and I hope you will be filled with hope that you are NOT forgotten!

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