Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Harper the Dog, Lunch, Valentines and Changes

Apparently Harper would like to trade places with Dawson and be the dog for a while (I'm sure he would willingly trade places with her). She continues to go out the doggie door. Just yesterday I found no less than 10 of her toys on the step outside the doggie door.
Her new thing is Dawson's water bowl. She crawls or walks as fast as she can to the laundry room where his bowls are and tries to put her hands in them. After about the 20th time of stopping her yesterday - I decided to just let her have her own "water bowl".
I put her down in the kitchen floor with a bowl of warm water and she went to town.

She got all wet and I had to change but she had a few minutes of fun!
Today I met two of my funniest and sweetest friends for lunch at Chili's (yes - I still love chili's and I've learned just to ASK for things the old way and you can get them!) I forgot when we scheduled lunch that their girls were all in mothers day out and I had been telling Harper all morning she would get to see her friends. So it was just her. ha!
I love pillow case dresses so much because you can wear them as dresses and as they grow - wear them as shirts. I think adults need these! ha!
When we got home, Harper had a big box full of valentines from her grandparents! I think she loved the singing card the most! ha! She had fun opening and looking at everything! Thanks Pappaw and GiGi - we love you!

We have a big change about to happen at our house. NO - Harper is not going to be a big sister (yet). Today is Scott's last day at his current job. He is going to work for another company and will be working at home. This should be an interesting dynamic. ha! We should be okay because Scott is very focused and has his own office so we shouldn't bother each other too much. ha! I'm hoping it's going to be a very positive change for our family! God has blessed us so much!

We are headed tonight to Harper's first razorback game and I'm sooooooooo excited! I'm nervous on how she will act because it's way past her bedtime but I think the music, lights and people will interest her. We will probably only stay as long as she is happy. Which may not be long. I love Razorback basketball. I miss the glory days in the early 90's when we played 40 minutes of "heck" but I still love me some hoops! :-)

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