Wednesday, February 17, 2010

13 months

We had a really fun day planned for today. We were spending the night in Tulsa last night and then today we were going to go to the Aquarium and to these great Mexican restaurant for lunch before heading home. We were so excited about this little mini vacation while Scott was off this week. But as I've learned over the last can never really make too many plans when kids are involved. ha! We all went to bed at 9 last night since we were in one room and at 10 Harper was up screaming. At 2 a.m. - she was still wailing so we packed up the car and left the hotel and headed home. I had taken just two dressy outfits with me so I left the hotel in my pj's and cowboy boots. I think Scott was "chawed" but we were driving home and I was exhausted. It was a LONG night! It may be a while before I can talk Scott into an over night trip again.

Anyway - I'm a day late but I thought I would post this anyway for our personal memories!

Harper - you are THIRTEEN months old!!!

What are you up to?

You weigh around 24-25 lbs. You are a "healthy" girl.
I am starting to put you in 18 months clothes. I was wanting to buy a few summer things recently and started stressing because I have no idea how big you will be this summer. ha!

You LOVE to eat. You will eat just about anything. It's fun now to be able to go to restaurants and order off the menu for you. It makes it easy to travel and be out and about.

You can walk pretty good but you prefer to crawl. You walk a little more every day. You get around our house so fast I can barely keep up. I will look away for 2 minutes and you are in a different room.

You and Dawson have finally settled in as friends. He loves you because you always feed him. He has learned to run from you when you crawl towards him and you love to point at him. You always say a word when you see him. It's not quite Dawson but I think you mean it to be.

You are SO social. Almost so much that it embarrasses me and daddy. When we are at restaurants or anywhere in public - you will do anything you can to get someones attention and then flash your cheesy smile at them. You love to have people talk to you. You really are so happy 95% of the day. You just smile and smile and smile! I love that you are outgoing!

You do great in the nursery now and it has made it easy for me to leave you. The only time you cry is when I pick you up. It always makes me a little sad that you cry when you see me but I'm pretty sure it's because you are suddenly remembering that I left you. ha!
I think I've decided you will never be a good sleeper. You still get up several times a night. I think we have both gotten so used to it that I rarely think about it. You just have too much going on to want to sleep. ha!

You love baby dolls and you hold stuff animals and dolls and love them. You like to ride your play horses and play with your different toys - the mailbox, the blender, the purse, the teapot, the talking turtle. You are playing pretty independently now which is nice.
You love to play "where's Harper" (a.k.a. peek-a-boo), patty cake and giving us high fives.

You talk all day long. ALL DAY LONG. LOUDLY!

I can't believe how fast you are growing. You are the light of my life!

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