Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping through the plains

Today we headed over for a little trip to Tulsa. Our first stop was the Ronald McDonald House where we dropped all the donations we collected for Harper's birthday. They were so thankful for what we brought them and we were so blessed to take it! It was emotional to visit where we spent a very hard but also wonderful three weeks.

Scott, Harper and Ronald
We ate lunch at Jason's Deli and then headed over to a cupcake place to get treats for the nurses we were going to visit. Can we say HELLO LOVELIES????
Since we were in the NICU - they moved from a old cave like room they had been in for like 30 years to the brand new Children's Hospital and it is SOOOO nice. I have no desire to ever be in the NICU again - but if we did - we would want to be there! This is Tina - she was one of our favorite nurses and helped us so much. We have kept in touch with her. I like this picture because she and Harper are smiling at each other.
I love how big Harper is smiling in this picture. She was SO happy all day. She just had the best time. She is SUCH a people person. Scott and I are both shy so we don't know how we got such an outgoing child but I'm so glad we did. Hope she stays that way!
"Nurse Carrie" was another one of our favorites. And she is having her own baby soon! You can tell I've been crying in this picture. We just saw a baby on ECMO and our doctor told us he was so glad Harper was able to avoid that and I was just a little overcome. I've been praying for that baby tonight.
We didn't expect to see Harper's doctor but we were thrilled we did. He will always be our hero. He was so nice to give us a tour of the new NICU.
This afternoon we did a little shopping and then ate dinner at the cheesecake factory. Could my salad be any bigger? We topped off our night with red velvet cheesecake. There are no words for how good that was. You know I'm a red velvet freak.

What a great day this has been for our family.

Also - thanks for praying for my dad. He had his heart cath today and had a stint put in and is feeling good. I wish I could have been there with him. We had already planned this trip and my mom told me not to come. But I was there in spirit and we will be going to visit them soon!

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