Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Day

This is Harper's new favorite face to make
About 4 years ago - some girls from my Sunday School class who had all had new babies got together and formed a play group that met every other Thursday. There were about 5 or 6 of them. And since then our class has multiplied rapidly and we now have about 20 mothers and over 30 kids in the play group. It had just gotten OOC (out of control). So we decided starting this week to split up into rotating smaller groups. I hosted one of the groups today!
I made poppyseed chicken, rice, salad, The Pioneer Woman's rosemary rolls (see her cookbook in the background - love her!) and brownies.
Brayden was first to arrive and wasn't thrilled. Harper was looking at him like "what's wrong with you." ha!
Sweet sisters - Lena and Sarah Grace
This is Julie and Shepherd. This was their first play group to attend. Shepherd just turned 2 months.
Harper took a great nap this afternoon and then we were off to Copelands to meet some friends for dinner. A sweet couple from Scott's hometown just moved here recently so we met up with them. Their little boy Jack is about 6 weeks older than Harper. They were checking each other out here.

It's been a fun filled and busy day! We are glad tomorrow is Friday!

Don't forget about "Show Us your MINISTRY" tomorrow. I'm excited to see all the different topics you may cover and my wish is that anyone out there who is hurting or would like to connect with others going through or who have gone through something similar will find encouragement!!! I'll have the post up sometime mid day tomorrow! So please come back this weekend!

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