Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I asked you a few days ago to pray for my friend Dan who works for Compassion and was missing in Haiti. Well they found him alive. He had been in an elevator shaft for 65 hours. This is an interview in his hometown - I am so proud to know him. He was with another guy from Compassion named David. Could you please pray for him and for his family? There is still no word on him. I'm praying for a miracle. Dan has been featured on several shows like the Today Show and has been able to share his faith and I'm so glad God is using him and his story.
Please also keep praying for the people of Haiti. Not a minute of my day goes by that I'm not thinking of those people and what they are enduring. I've seen reports where they are signing Hymns and praising God in the streets despite the unthinkable circumstances. I wonder often if we as Americans would do the same if everything was taken from us.

On another note:
I thought I would share with you what I did instead of a scrapbook for Harper. I made her a book using Snapfish and I thought it turned out so great.
I started with her ultrasound pictures and my pregnancy and went through Christmas.
I plan to make one every year. I made one for us and for each set of Grandparents and gave them to them this weekend. These are a few of my favorite pages.
I included her monthly pictures and the milestones she had reached each month. I will NEVER have the patience or time for scrapbooking but I really enjoyed making this book and I've started on the "year two" book!!! I'm hoping to keep up with it so it's not a huge job at the end of the year.

How do you scrapbook your lives? Or do you?

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