Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

It's been a quiet day - not a lot to share. I'm pretty sure Harper is getting her one year molars. She has been drooling something awful - her shirts have been soaked today and she has been EXTREMELY fussy. She also has a runny nose which seems to go with teething for her.
I was just loading these pics on our computer and I looked at our files and realized that in 2007 - we took 1500 pictures. In 2008 - we took 3700 pictures. In 2009.........we took 12,500. ha! Bless this girl's heart - there are no pictures of her.
We were asked tonight to speak to the AWANA's at our church about our Compassion Trip. Awana's is for 1st - 6th graders and it is a lot about missions and Bible memory. Since Harper had a runny nose - Scott stayed home with her and I talked. I was SO nervous - I was sweating like crazy. But I think it went okay and I'm always happy to share about what God has done!

We have Harper's one year appointment tomorrow and my parents are also going to be here for the day so I'm excited about tomorrow! Harper did take 3 or 4 steps twice today! Of course I had to lure her with the remote control but I was so excited I screamed like she had just won the Olympics. She is on her own timetable but I know it's coming soon!

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