Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Shower, Daddy watching and Wagon

Tonight we had a baby shower for one of my most favorite people - my friend Rachel. She is expecting #3 in less than a month. She has two boys and doesn't find out what she is having. I secretly think it's a girl but 3 boys would be wonderful too! So we gave her LOTS of diapers and wipes.
We had it at a local restaurant. This is totally my favorite kind of shower because it's so relaxed and just a fun girls night out! This is Elizabeth and Lindsey!

Jessica and Vonda
Tracy, Angie and Angie's sweet baby Ellie (who was not loving the shower)
Robin, Laurie, Kacy and Wells
Me and Laurie
We had a lot of fun and Rachel should be stocked for diapers for several months! I just can't wait to find out what she is having. I told her a monogrammed gift would arrive later!
I wanted to show you Harper's gift from Scott's parents. They got her this wagon and she is CRAZY about it. She had SOO much fun riding in it. I can't wait for it to warm up because I am going to pull her around the neighborhood and at the park all spring and summer. And we can fix the seats so both she and Dawson can ride and there are going to be TWO HAPPY kids in our family!
SO happy!
I had to direct the preschool choir last night at church and then I had a finance meeting so Scott stayed home and kept Harper. These are a few pictures of what went on while I was gone. I know her outfit is pitiful but she had the cutest little (monogrammed) dress that went over this shirt and tights for church and I took it off of her to nap and play and just never changed her.
She figured out she could check herself in the pot lid
My parents got her this little keyboard and she is loving it. I'm telling you the girl is going to be the next American Idol! :-) She just LOVES music.

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