Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts and some prayer requests

I hope ya'll had a good weekend. We have had the most beautiful weather this weekend. We tried to get outside as much as we could. We also had a few more "firsts" this weekend. Besides Harper's first tooth coming in...............

We took our first FAMILY walk at the "park" as we call it. Daddy, Mommy, Harper and Dawson. I'm pretty sure Dawson enjoyed it the most. It was nice to get out and do something as a family of 4. ha!
This morning, Harper had her FIRST day in the church nursery!!!! Here we are before church. Everyone working there said she did really good. Our Sunday School is after church so I went in between to feed her and when she saw me - she flashed the biggest smile. It was the greatest thing EVER. She fell asleep before she barely ate anything. So I took her back and let her sleep in one of the cribs during Sunday School. When we went to get her - they told me she had just woken up and was just laying there so happy and she was. And then I figured out why. She had pooped ALL OVER herself and the bed. Probably the worst blow out of all times. What is it with me and POOP???? ha!
Is this not the cutest little sailor you've ever seen? Her JiJi got her this cute outfit - she looked so precious in it!
Church wore this girl OUT! We came home and I fed her and she slept for 2.5 hours. This girl NEVER naps so we are looking forward to more Sunday naps we hope! ha!
(it looks like she is wearing her bib like a cape. ha!)
This afternoon - Scott's aunt and uncle and his little cousin Drew came to visit us. They were in town to see his aunt's brother and his family. I love this picture of Drew - it's so cool with the background all blurred!

This is their family - thanks for coming to see us and Harper!

Before I move on to a few prayer requests - can I just address a little issue?? If you know me at all - you know I love dresses. Especially in the summer. Last week I got a couple of new dresses at T J Maxx and Target. One of which I wore today. Several of you have asked me how I handle that with nursing. Well - I don't. I am not a fan of skirts and shirts or pants and shirts and I have tried to convert but I miss dresses. So I rebel and wear them anyway. And that works fine at home. But when I get to church and realize that I need to nurse and the only way is to hike my dress up to my neck - it's not a good thing. (Don't worry - I was alone in the room). Thank goodness for the hooter hider (great invention of basically a big drape you put over you that hides everything) and a private nursing room. And I don't want to buy special nursing dresses. Because I just don't. So I guess I'll just deal with it. ha!

Here are a few prayer requests sent my way recently. Some have blogs and some don't. I'm afraid a lot requests get lost among my comments and e-mails so if you have one you need me to get out - my e-mail is now on my profile. Please put "prayer request" in the subject.

  • Gram's neice is 20 weeks pregnant - baby possibly has down's syndrome and is going to a specialist tomorrow
  • Christi - after 2 years of trying to get pregnant - finally did and at the last Dr visit - there was no heartbeat
  • Sarah - baby born at 27 weeks to a pastor in Louisiana
  • Avery - this baby is from my area and is currently in AR children's NICU. She was born with a heart defect and had surgery this weekend. She has been on my heart because she has been on ECMO and Harper was just hours away from being on that and I just can't imagine. I pray that she has the same healing that my sweet girl had. She is very critical today and they need your prayers.
Don't forget that the blog world is a WONDERFUL outlet of prayer but if you have a need - one of the best places to go to is your church family and your immediate friends and family. Those that know and love you. If you don't have a church family - I urge you to find one. God meant for us to have fellowship with other believers and to have a place to gather to learn about Him and worship Him. It doesn't take place of your personal relationship with Christ but it's an important part of that relationship.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Big News


can only equal one thing =

Harper is cutting her first tooth today!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy - now that I have a tooth - will you take me to Doe's?????

So far teething is okay. She actually has a bottom tooth that has come through the skin so I know for a fact she is teething. She was pretty fussy the last 2 days and drooling an insane amount! As soon as I saw the tooth this morning - I started her on tylenol and oragel and she seems to be doing okay. Her skin problems are harder on her than teething so it's hard to tell the difference. Oh and I just put a little ice in the mesh food feeder and she really liked it. We also freeze wash clothes and let her chew on those and that seems to help as well. Down the road when she starts solids - we'll try putting frozen berries in the food feeder but I do imagine it will be messy - we'll just put towels around her high chair first.
We just can't believe she got a tooth so early!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show Us Where you Live Friday - Children's Rooms and Nurseries


So I'm excited about this week because I think Children's rooms are so much fun!!! It's the one room in the house where if you are a conservative decorator - you can let loose and have fun and use color. (or at least - that's how I feel).
If you don't have children - but would love to have some one day - it would be great if you wanted to just post your ideas for a dream nursery. If you are like me - I had nurseries planned in my head for years. I'd love to see your ideas!!! Or you can skip and just enjoy the tour and join back up next week.

This is Harper. Welcome to her Crib. (literally). ha!
This is her room looking in from the hallway. It is an explosion of pink and brown with a little green mixed in and I love it.
I had this sign made by Kim and I hope it will stay in her room until she leaves for college. I just adore it! It matches her bedding exactly.
A little table I have set up. I really need to work on printing out pictures of Harper to put in frames. That is on my short term to do list.
Laurie got me this sign for my birthday before I ever became pregnant with Harper. I gave a special request for this verse as we struggled with infertility because I knew in my heart that it would be hanging in our baby's room soon!
This is a day bed we have in the nursery. I don't know when we will move Harper into her room (she sleeps in a pack and play in our room right now) but when we do - I envision I might spend a night or two on that bed.
The painting above the bed was made by my lifelong friend Jamie. I told her before we ever got pregnant - that when I did - I wanted her to paint something. I love it so much. We call Harper our "baby Monkey" and this verse is my life verse for her. (and for me). It gave me hope during infertility and it especially gave me hope as the doctors told me she might not live in her first few days. I love the fact that Jamie added a real life bow on the monkey's head.
I had Harper's bedding made at Polka Tot designs. I was worried before it came that I might have been nuts and I might not like it but when I finally got it - I just skipped around because it was exactly what I wanted. I want her to stay little forever and keep this bedding forever. Too bad I'll probably take the bumpers out before she ever sleeps in here. But I just love it so much.
Another view of her crib. We got the crib at and we really like it. And we have the her little doll from Baby Be Blessed waiting for her to come join it!
A sweet blogger friend, Keri, made me this bag before Harper was born and I have it hanging on her closet door. I think it's too cute to use. The other side has her monogram. PRECIOUS!
My dad made me this chest of drawers to use as a changing table/dresser. I'm so proud of it. I'm amazed at how he can build something like this. Harper will use this in her room forever and then pass it on down to her daughter I hope.
This is a bad picture but I had this frame and I painted a mat to go with it and framed Harper's 6 week, 12 week, 20 week and 3D ultrasound pictures and then a picture of her when she first came home in the center. I wanted something special to do with her ultrasound pictures.
This is hanging on one of her walls - I love it!
Some of her bows hanging on her bow holders
This is her closet and yes it is ridiculous
Her 3-6 month clothes that she is just starting to fit into
These are all her clothes 12 months and older.
And these are her 0-3 months clothes. I'm going to have to start putting away things soon because she has grown out of a lot of these or it's too hot for some of them. I can't believe I'm already putting away clothes.
I realize she has more clothes than I've ever had in my lifetime. It's a result of two over anxious grandmothers, a mother who has been waiting and dreaming of having a little girl for years, and very sweet friends. She is a very blessed little girl. And I am a VERY blessed mother. But we are both blessed because we have a Heavenly Father who heard my prayers for her and answered them and continues to love both of us with a love I'll never understand.
That's the tour folks. Y'all come back now - ya hear???

Okay - it's your turn
(I've tried something new because I know the links to the past tours keep coming and going (I have nothing to do with that) - so hopefully we won't lose these - but if we do - just keep coming back)
Remember to link to the actual post - NOT your blog and if you link and don't have a post about the tour - I will have to delete you.

Baby Play Date

Today we had Play Group at this little pumpkin's house (John Michael). His momma, Mary Avery, is going to have another baby in November and we are so excited!
Sarah Kate just LOVES Harper and she ATTACKS her every time she sees her. It just tickles me. Harper doesn't know what to think. I can't wait for a few more months when Harper is sitting up and they can actually "play" together. It literally makes my heart just want to burst with happiness to see our girls being friends.
This is Robin and Caleb. Caleb is one month younger than Harper and getting so big. He is always so calm and good. The only thing that scared him was Harper's bow. He got a horrible look on his face after he saw it.

Laurie and Sarah Kate eating
Berkli, Mary Avery and Jessica. I didn't get a picture of my friend Ginger and her new baby Kade who made his play group debut today. He is so cute - he's another prospect for Harper's dating pool when she's 25.
Mary Avery made a delicious chicken salad and one of my personal favorites - DIRT CAKE! I asked the girls what they would do if I ate that entire bowl. Because I could. Do you have the recipe for this? I just posted it in case you don't. You need it. Trust me. Go here.
I came home to find two surprises in the mail. I had ordered the "Bentley Bow" from Glam R Baby to support sweet baby Bentley who just had heart surgery. It is so cute. She sent me a couple of other fun things to go with it like the huge flower and the hat. (Thank you Noelle!!!) Little Bentley is doing great which is SUCH a praise and you can order yourself a bow to help them with the huge expenses if you can!
And I got these precious taggie blankets from Wendy. How cute are they??? Razorbacks and animal print. Is that me and Harper or what????
She also sent me this cute bib that she got made here. It is too precious! And as much as Harper drools - we go through the bibs like crazy!!! Thank you so much Wendy!!!
I was thinking yesterday that IF we have another child and IF that child is a girl - we are going to have to come up with a unique, cute name that starts with an H. So if you know any - send them to me. I like to plan ahead you know. ha! (And if it's a boy - we already know his name would be Hudson and I have so much girl stuff with just an "H" on it - it would a shame to waste!)

Remember if you would like to win some free ice cream (and seriously - who wouldn't????) - go and leave me a comment here.

Okay - Miss Harper is taking a nap and I have a LONG list of chores to get done before she wakes back up! Have a GREAT day!!!!

P.S. Harper slept on her stomach most of last night. I couldn't keep her off of it. She kept rolling over so Scott and I just prayed really hard over her and I had to give my worry over to the ONE who created her. We gave her over to God the minute she was born. Scott and I said right then and there that if God took her we would still praise Him and we would have. So even though I'm terrified of SIDS and the swine flu and cancer and car wrecks and anything else that could possibly happen to her - her little life is in His hands and only He knows the hours or the days that she will live. And I sleep a lot better knowing I'm not in control. And she slept a little better too. :-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy Day

I've had a busy day and I'm working with very little sleep because now along with waking up every 2 hours for feedings - Harper is waking up in between those when she flips herself over and can't get back ("Help I've fallen and I can't get up"). So I'm just so tired I almost didn't post tonight. That combined with the fact that I documented my day with my poor little point and shoot camera that just takes such awful pictures ............but I'm going to go ahead and share our day and I have a few prayer requests.

Julie, one of my former co-workers (for YEARS) - we worked together at my very first job at 22 up until I quit recently, is having a little boy in 2 weeks or less and my old office had a little lunch shower for her today and they were nice enough to invite me. So Harper and I met up with them at Copelands.
Unfortunately - Harper was in a very unhappy mood (ALL DAY) so I had to stand while she screamed most of the meal. It was still good to see everyone!
I was thinking today that I have 3 friends (2 in the blog world but I've met them in person and 1 real life friend) and they have had/are having 3 baby girls 3 Tuesdays in a row and the baby's are all named AVERY! How funny is that? They don't know each other but I know all 3 of them. Does that even make sense or seem neat or am I just so tired I'm delirious?
After lunch, I drove around until Harper fell asleep and then we headed over to visit Laurie and the girls. Emily was supposed to be napping but she heard my voice and decided to come out! I love that girl so much.

Harper enjoyed time with Aunt Laurie
And then Harper cried so loud she woke up Sarah Kate from her nap so I knew it was time for us to head home.
Then we headed over to take dinner to our friends who recently had a baby boy Brandon. He will be in Harper's Sunday School class also. Isn't he cute?

Well - I really think I can't type much more. I'm sorry if I haven't commented on your blogs or responded to your e-mails lately - I just feel like I'm in a fog right now. It's a very thankful fog and a happy fog.........but it's a fog all the same.

  • I want to share that my friend Katie is doing much better and has moved out of the ICU. God is good. She still needs prayer but I'm hoping she will be just fine soon.
  • Please pray for this family who recently welcomed little Khloe to the world. She has Trisomy 13.
  • We now have FIFTY-NINE praises on the Prayer Blog (59! 59! 59!) If you are wondering how to get on the prayer blog - the best way is probably to just leave a comment on the blog and I'll get you added. It can take me a couple of days sometimes but I WILL get you on there. If you have e-mailed me and don't see your name on there - please just leave a comment on the prayer blog and I'll get you on there.
  • Remember that Friday is the day to tour nurseries/children's rooms. If you don't have children - don't feel left out - just enjoy the tour and get ideas and come back and join the next week!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling.........................

Well - life as I have known it for the last 4 months has just seemed to change over night. Harper is constantly on the move now. The bouncy seat is a faint memory. I put it to rest today for good because she kept trying to flip out of it. I've been putting her down on a pallet all last week and that was working good.

But suddenly today every time I put her down within a minute - she would be on her stomach. Several times last night she would start crying in the middle of the night (nothing unusual - ha!) and when I would go to get her she would be on her stomach - mad because she couldn't get back over. Right now she is in her bed sleeping on her side.
Gone are the days of laying her down anywhere and doing something quick. I'm afraid she'll roll off the bed or anywhere else I might put her. So we are stuck like glue together. I just THOUGHT I couldn't get anything done before. I know most of you are shaking your head and saying "just wait until she starts crawling and then walking". I know.........I know. My little baby is growing too fast before my eyes. She is also reaching and grabbing for EVERYTHING. It's just so funny how much she is changing so fast.
Also - I have been going to Wal-Mart every week at night after she goes to bed but I didn't make it last night so I thought we would TRY to go together this morning and I had a lot to get so I was afraid it would be a disaster and she did SO great! She just smiled and cooed the entire time! I was so happy! I think Harper knows how much I love Wal-Mart. She knows I love Target too - but she screamed the entire time we were there last time. ha!
Scott spent all day yesterday turning half of our garage into a gym. He cleaned off the floor and put down gym matting. He hung a TV and DVD player on the wall so he could do his P90X DVD's out there and I can do Shred (nope - still haven't started). So today was his first day doing P90X and we have a question for all of you who said you have done it.
Did you just do the exercise videos or did you do the diet plan also???? The diet plan is putting me over the edge. The meals have like 5 courses - all dinners have a special soup and everything has a million ingredients. It took me FOREVER tonight to fix his dinner and with a baby who is moving constantly - I don't have time for this. I want to help him do this right but it's almost an impossible plan. I just want to know if you did it and if it made that big of a difference rather than just eating low calorie on your own. HELP!

Also- please keep praying for Katie. She had a better day but they wanted to do a MRI and just couldn't and they are now doing an EEG to see why she isn't responding to the medicine like she should. The baby is still doing good which is great news but Katie is still in horrible pain. She needs your prayers.

Monday, May 25, 2009

As Paul Harvey Would Say............................

and now here is the REST of the story.......................

Scott got Dawson for me for Christmas the year before we got married and he has been my baby ever since. I love that little dog so much. We have spoiled him and treated him like a human baby for the last 6 years. Everyone told me .....up until Harper's birth......"once Harper is here - Dawson will go to the back burner" and I would say "You are crazy.....he will always be our baby".
Well, Harper came and I understood what they all meant. Now don't call the SPCA on me - Dawson still gets daily walks, rides in the car, sleeps right between Scott and I and lots of love and attention. But he definetely doesn't get our undivided attention like he did before. He has been so great with Harper and I try so hard to include him because he looks so sad when I wheel the stroller out and leave him behind. But handling a dog and a baby on a walk is next to impossible. He gets his leash all tangled up in her stroller every 5 minutes and every time we have to stop for him to pee or sniff - Harper gets mad that we aren't moving. It's a nightmare.
We have always taken him on trips and I have carefully planned his food and put blankets down in the back seat for him and laid out his leash and treats. We have planned stops on our trip just for him to get walked.
But then it came time for our first trip with Harper. I spent 2 days planning out everything we needed for her. I got up hours before we left to get her and I ready and feed her and time everything just so. And unfortunately - we just threw Dawson in the front seat thinking everything would be great. No blanket covering the seat, no thoughts of potty breaks for him. We just wanted to get to my parent's house without waking up Harper. ha!

About 45 minutes before we got to my parent's house....Dawson started pacing in the front seat and doing an excited whine. We both thought he was just so excited to be almost back in the country where he spent a month when Harper was born. I couldn't believe he recognized the road and was already that excited. Well - about 5 minutes before we got to their house - we found out he wasn't exactly just excited to be there. He had "to go". And he had "to go" BAD! All the sudden - he exploded diarrhea all over the front seat. All over Scott. All over everything. And it was the worst smell we have ever smelled in our life. I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Then he started jumping all around in it. I can't even tell you how gross it was. I called my parents and said we would be pulling up in a minute or two and we needed them to run outside immediately and grab Dawson and take him for a bath at the shop and bring lots of cleaning supplies outside.
(We have leather seats or the car would have been ruined. We scrubbed and scrubbed and I think we are okay. )
So yes - we love our sweet daughter SO much. But we also love our little dog.
And next time - we will pay a LOT more attention to him.
Especially when he starts whining in the car.