Monday, August 13, 2007

I scream for Ice Cream

Over the last couple of months - I have woken Scott up at least 5 different times by screaming in my sleep. Sometimes I just scream and sometimes I scream out "Scott" or one night I screamed "Daddy". Scott says it happens after I eat ice cream before bed but last night I vaguely remember him asking "did you have ice cream?" and I did not. But I did have a little cake. So he said he was putting a padlock on all sugar after 7 p.m. (which should probably be a good policy weight wise anyway. ha!)
Poor Dawson - it scares him to death. He jumps off the bed and just looks very alarmed and it scares Scott to death as you can imagine. It's not exactly fun for me either - I keep having nightmares that people are trying to "get me". I don't know if it's anxiety driven or really sugar but I hope it doesn't happen anymore.


Guy and Julie said...

I am laughing really hard about this! Guy says I say crazy stuff in my sleep, too, but screaming is a little scary! I hope your sleep becomes more peaceful soon!

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Kelly, but you may come by the screaming in your sleep naturally. Mam-ma did it all the time and ask Dad about the time I thought there was a chicken in our bed! Whew! Lots of screaming! So it may be the sugar but it could also be your GENES! Sorry, Mom

Jessica said...

I'm laughing so hard right now! I know it is not funny, but I can just picture poor Dawson jumping up like a cartoon puppy! : )

Anonymous said...


I talk and scream in my sleep as well. I am fully convinced that it comes from the genes, because my dad does it as well.

Amy Wallace

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!The last time I screamed during sleep was when Shorel bought a bug zapper (think small electric tennis racket) and he decided at 2am to zap a mysterious mosquito. The spark and noise scared me so much I shot out of bed screaming.

No sugar after 7pm sounds tough...but healthy!