Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday School and Singing

This morning one of my favorite little girls, Maggie, came in and her mom wanted to take her picture with her SS teachers. She said she had done that every year so she would remember who her teachers had been. I thought that was a sweet idea.
This morning was the annual women vs men choir sing off. This week the women had to fill the choir loft and next week it's the men's turn and the loser makes ice cream after church next week. Last year I did it and loved it and decided I would join choir and then chickened out. This year Julie and I went together and once again I LOVED it. So I'm going to pray over the next 2 weeks about whether God wants me to do it and if I think He says yes - I'm going to. I can't sing worth a flip - I would never get on American Idol - but I just love to sing and I love to worship. So we'll see........................