Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Dawson's new haircut + Scott's new camera lens = Cute doggie pictures
(Dawson is thrilled - can you tell?)


Anonymous said...

So cute! I wish Bogart could meet him. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Kelly. I love your dawg!! :) Maybe I could make a nap mat for Dawson. :) As for learning to sew. I asked a lady in my church if she would teach me how to make those purses that were so popular a couple of years ago. She asked how much I knew and I told her I didn't even know how to thread the needle, but that I was gifted and talented and she would surely be able to teach me. :) Well, she did. I learned to make those and then just make stuff up. I'm not real sure I could follow a pattern. I'm sure there is some precious lady in your church that could teach you. :)