Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dean, Dean......GO AWAY!

In six short days, Scott and I are leaving for a short vacation in the Redneck Riveria with our best friends Laurie and Steve. I can speak for all of us when I say we all REALLY need a vacation. Gulf Shores, AL is one of my favorite places and I haven't been in four years. The last time I went was about 3 days after I got engaged when I went with Laurie and two of my other best friends (bridesmaids).
This is what I'm excited about in Gulf Shores:
1. Condo on the beach
2. Walks on the beach in the morning and at night
3. Scoops Ice Cream
4. Shrimp
5. Watching Laurie eat her weight in fried oysters
6. Foley outlet mall
7. Shrimp
8. Putt Putt
9. Dipping Dots
10. Driving through AR, MS, AL and LA - I love the south!
11. Shrimp
12. Laying out
13. Reading a book
14. Shrimp
15. Getting tan
16. Pictures on the beach at sunset
17. Spending the night in Magnolia and Camden
18. Laughing and laughing and laughing some more
19. Humidity
20. Shrimp

But we need Hurricane Dean to stay away! Come again some other day!


Anonymous said...

GO AWAY DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAMA NEEDS SHRIMP!!! (I wrote in all caps, so dean would think I was yelling...hope it works)

Jessica said...

Do you have a favorite shrimp recipe?