Monday, June 18, 2007

Ants in My Pants

If you read my blog - then you might remember that a couple of months ago we had a horrible invasion of ants in our house. And you might remember that I have a terrible phobia of ants. Not just one ant or two but when I see more than say 10 - I just freak out.
Well - we did rid our house of ants thank goodness. But tonight I came home and one of my favorite things to do when I first get home is get the mail. So I pulled the mail out and looked down to see what we had and noticed that it was CRAWLING with ants! CRAWLING! So I looked in the mail box and there had to be MILLIONS of ants in there. I threw my mail down on the street and went in and got our can of raid and sprayed for about 30 minutes. YUCK! How did those ants invade our mailbox. Thank goodness this was a day when all the mail was junk because I pulled our trash bag to the curb and picked up the mail (that I had sprayed with raid) and dropped it all in.
I hate ants.


The Proctors said...

I can so relate to this post!! I hate them too, and in our last house, they pretty much invaded our flower beds. So...everytime I would go to plant a new flower or bush, it seemed like I would always end up picking the spot where an ant's nest was. Makes me shiver just thinking about it!!!