Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Scott and I have had a busy couple of weeks so we really needed a relaxing weekend and we got one. We went to bed on Friday night at 8 and didn't wake up until almost 10 on Saturday. FOURTEEN hours of sleep - that NEVER happens! But it was well needed.
Last night we got to keep Emily for a few hours so her parents could have an evening out alone. We had such a good time with her and she was so much fun. And I know Laurie and Steve enjoyed a free night out! Emily is so active and fun. We took several walks around the neighborhood, played in the backyard and read books and sang and then we watched "Finding Nemo". Dawson wasn't too sure how he felt about her being here. ha!
Today was a great day at church. Both our sermon and our Sunday School Lesson were on the importance of Godly fathers. I'm so thankful that both Scott and I grew up with two loving parents and wonderful fathers who were role models to us. I hope we will continue that legacy. We love you Dad and Bill! Thank you for loving us and showing us how a father should be!


Anonymous said...

Emily is SO cute! I'm sure she had fun hanging out with y'all! jlg