Tuesday, June 19, 2007

B is for Baby

A couple of weeks ago I said I went to the cutest baby shower that should be in a magazine and several people asked me what the cake looked like since I said it was SO cute.
Well - My friend Rebekah (who hosted the shower) finally posted pics on her blog so you have to go look. The onesie with the brown and pink bow was one of our gifts. And yes that is me in a red dress looking terrible. Please ignore that one.
Didn't I say it was a cute cake (and cute decorations and a cute cookie favor idea)?
Or use my link to the side for Flint and Rebekah


Anonymous said...

W-O-W!! That was an awesome cake! Everything was so very cute! I love the tables on the patio with the pink decorations hanging above. And that onesie is precious. I love baby showers! jlg

Rebekah said...

I know it took me forever to post the pics. You are too much! I do have to agree with you...the cake was my favorite thing!

Your little outfit was the cutest gift!!! Katie hates that pic of her...but I had to put it on there cause the gift is so cute! And by the way...there is no such thing as a bad pic of you either! You are the cutest!!! Thanks again for coming. It meant a ton to Katie and I was so glad to get to see you pretty girls!