Monday, February 19, 2007


Life has been really busy lately so luckily we had a pretty quiet weekend to catch up and recover. We didn't do much but watch a lot of DVR'd shows and eat and lay around.
Saturday night we ate dinner over at Laurie and Steve's house along with the Nichol's. Laurie made one of my favorite meals - chicken supreme.
Sunday we were at church almost all day between 2 Sunday School's and my Beth Moore Bible Study.
And now it's Monday again................and this week is packed full again ....but it was almost 60 degrees today and it's light until after 6 and I feel like Spring is coming!

P.S. We'll miss you Frank. You did so much for AR. You took one of the poorest states in the country and built the best facilities that any NCAA school has. But you've worked hard all of these years - you deserve a retirement! Enjoy it. And hopefully the seeds of change are just beginning to sow.................