Friday, February 23, 2007

American Idol

It's my favorite time of year............American Idol is back! We love AI in our family. It kind of takes over when you are a fan since it's on 3 nights a week - thank goodness for DVR! One of my favorite idols last year (the only I've ever voted for) was at our church last night - Mandisa. She used to tour with Beth Moore before she did Idol and now she tours around doing concerts. It was great. She is a great singer and really should have won (it should have been her and Chris Daughtry in the finals America) but now she uses her talents to spread the gospel to people who will come to see her because she is an Idol.
We don't have a favorite yet but I'm sure in a few weeks we will. One thing is for sure - the guys are horrible this year. I'm pretty sure a girl will win this year!


Anonymous said...

Yep, AI is consuming our lives as well. Our kids are addicts too. I was a Mandisa fan too... then became a Katharine fan after Mandisa was booted WAY too early. I'd love to see her in concert!