Friday, February 16, 2007

Kelly the Bargain Hunter

As much as I love to watch Dog Chapman the bounty hunter and Beth hunt down criminals - I decided that I should have my own title. Kelly the bargain hunter. I love clothes but I don't like to spend much money on them - especially anything trendy. So I love to buy things on sale or clearance. I won't even buy anything at Wal-Mart full price. I'll go on record and say I love Wal-Mart clothes (especially George and Metro 7) but they are a little rich for my blood unless it's on sale.
Scott has been very proud of me because he really wanted some new pants and sweaters so I went to Old Navy the other day and came home with 2 pretty nice pairs of pants that he really likes and they had each been marked down to $8. He loves to say he's wearing his $8 pants. Yesterday I went to Belk's and bought him 2 sweaters that had each been $50 and I got them for $8 each (something about that price). I really love Belk's (it's a bargain hunters dream) because even when things are marked down - I have never gotten up to the checkout when it's hasn't rung up for less than I thought it would be. So Scott is now the proud owner of 2 sweaters and 2 pairs of pants that cost a total of $32.
I need to make sure that before I go out shopping that I put on my "gear", hop in my SUV and stand in a circle, hold hands and pray - that's the way to get those bargains! (But first I need to write on a marker board what I'm looking for and maybe put a picture of it up there too) - that seems to help Dog. And call a few people and ask about the sales - kind of like this ...."How's it Bra? Now listen - I'm looking for some sweaters..........."


Guy and Julie said...

I just found the cutest shirt at Forever 21 for $3.99. They've got some really cute shirts for $4-5 right now!