Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines

Valentines Day. I've had a love/hate relationship with it since I was a little girl. (I'm sorry in advance Mom when you read this) BUT....it all began when I was younger and we moved a lot. When I was in 3rd grade - I started my 3rd school that year on Valentines Day. Now - why could they have not let me wait and start on the 15th? So I had no box and I remember the teacher clearly saying "Can ya'll (cause this was Texas) please give any extra valentines to our new girl Kelly?" SAD!
Then I was the girl in high school with no boyfriend who watched all the other girls get flowers as they came over the announcements beginning at 2:45 on Valentines with all the flowers and called out the names of all the lucky "loved" girls.
Then during and after college - the day just stood as a painful reminder that I was single. Although I relished the years that I was single working at Wal-Mart and I would actually get flowers from a guy. It was a huge deal at Wal-Mart because with thousands of employees - they would line a whole hallway with long tables and alphabetize them all. I remember one year that I got flowers from THREE guys! That kind of made up for the whole 3rd grade ordeal. :-)
But now I have a lifetime valentine and I love the day! We don't celebrate in any special way besides maybe a nice dinner (or this year I think we are having valentines lunch). But every day is valentines when you get to be married to your best friend!
I did come home (after a horrible trip to Wal-Mart........I think it was worse than Christmas Eve in there) and found this cute box of goodies sitting on our counter. My in-laws sent us lots of fun things that did make my day.
Maybe Valentines isn't so bad after all!
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Anonymous said...

I couldn't keep from laughing about "give the extra valentines to the new girl"! How sad! I hope you have a fun day tomorrow. I'm excited to get to go to R's V-tine party at school (L's keeping the baby). Tonight R said the prayer before dinner and he prayed, "help us have a safe trip to school tomorrow with the valentine cards"...I was trying not to laugh. Then when he finished Lane told him thanks for saying that great prayer and Rhett said, "it was my pleasure." ha ha