Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Perdido Key Paradise

One of our favorite places is the gulf coast beach! I started going in my early 20's and have gone nearly every year since.  First as a single girl, then a newly wed and then we started taking kids.  We have so many memories of our kids as babies at the beach.  Scott and I were super nostalgic about that this past week but we also recognized this was the easiest most relaxed trip we have had since having kids.  I wasn't chasing someone around a pool or the beach or a restaurant.  Our kids were easy and fun! 

We loved our time with them.  The weather was great.  The crowds weren't bad once the holiday weekend crowd left.  And the sunsets were always breathtaking! 

We used to stay in Gulf Shores, AL and over time we migrated down to Peridido Key FL which is just across the state line.  We stay at the end of the main road so the traffic and crowds are so much less.  But we eat most of our meals in Orange Beach which is a quick drive.  We started staying at the Indigo probably 9-10 years ago and we LOVE it.  We love the location.  Every unit we have stayed in has been very nice.  And we love the pool and beach.  We book through Luxury Coastal Vacations and they are amazing to work through.  

We have ALWAYS gone to the beach with Laurie and family.   This was our first year to not be able to but because of kids' schedules and activities - we couldn't get a week to line up so we just came on our own.  We usually get a 4 bedroom with them but we just got a 2 bedroom but it was still spacious and nice.  This was the kids' bedroom which was perfect for them to share.  And they had their own little balcony that they loved.  

The master bedroom. 

We had a dining room but we never sat here.  We eat breakfast and lunch in the condo but we ALWAYS eat outside on the balcony.  Why not look at the ocean when you are eating if you can? 

The living room looking both ways.  I could move into that condo and be so content to live there! I always try to find a way to move there when we are there.  

I mean the view.  I'm an early riser at the beach.  I don't want to be but my eyes pop open at 5:30 every day but I love the quiet in the mornings.  I would sit on the balcony and then take a long walk every morning and that was my favorite part.  

We missed the beach the last 2 years so Will Holden was 3 the last time we went.  He LOVED it this time.  He loved building sand castles and playing in the ocean.  

He also loved the pool and taught himself to swim.  Which was a gift! 

We love to crab hunt at night on the beach.  

When we go to the beach we usually get out on the beach pretty early - around 8:30 and stay until lunch.  And then after lunch we eat the pool.  And then we get ready and go to an EARLY dinner to beat crowds.  Then we like to do things like ride go karts, do mini golf, get ice cream somewhere fun before coming back and watching a movie.  

Tomorrow I will do a post of all our favorite places to eat.  There are SO many we can never hit them all! 

Mostly I love making memories with my people! 


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